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Monday, May 30, 2005

      Diamonds and Rubies studded Notebook. Only $350,000

Here comes a $350,000 notebook "inlaid with solid palladium white gold plates in which thousands of brilliant cut diamonds (read 'diamond dust') have been set. The quality is V.V.S. top-Wesselton and the total weight is 80.00 Crt. A unique square cut ruby has been set in both Tulip logos." The company is Tulip E-Go (or was that two-lips?).

Diamond Notebook

They have got some decent hardware to back it up too. The notebook is based on the new AMD Turion CPU, the successor to the Athlon 64. Too bad the round shape of the case limits the (rectangular) screen to only 12.1''. And for $350K at least they'd have RAID-0 drives!

The lineup is absolutely geared at women consumers. The round lines with the integrated handle are supposed to match a purse. The color schemes are also meant to evoke purses. The diamond and gold version is probably just the Dolce & Gabanna version of these laptops, meant to be shown and worn only once on a runway, with the actual consumer lines being much less expensive.

Fashion Laptop

The point here is why do all laptops have to look like bricks? The current market of the straight-lined laptop may just be a market that is still so bedazzled by the technology, that it so far doesn't need to be bedazzled by the looks. Sort of like the era of the Ford Model-T, where "you could have it any color, as long as it was black". But this era will inevitably end, and people are going to get bored by the same old thing.

Ferrari Notebook

These boutique laptops like the Tulips and to a lesser extent like the Acer Ferraris, are probably the first in a changing guard. (The picture is of Acer Ferrari 4000, which is not yet released. Its a Turion 64 cpu with a shell made of carbon fibre.) The computers from Alienware and Voodoo have carved out a niche for themselves aswell.

Now only if Tulip could add a vanity mirror!

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