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Sunday, May 08, 2005

      Now one more reason to visit South Africa

So its not only for the wildlife or the gorgeous beaches that you have to take a holiday to South Africa, but also for the Shimansky Collection, Cape's first diamond museum. The Shimansky Collection offers visitors a speciality tour and the chance to walk through the history and impressive science behind this captivating stone. "In their on-site workshop, visitors can also witness the art of diamond cutting and polishing, as well as jewellery design and manufacturing." Pretty interesting stuff, eh?

And if you get a chance, heres one more diamond museum: Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum in Israel. They currently have an exhibit of traditional diamond jewelry from Jaipur, India. "Pendants, rings, bracelets and decorative containers with diamonds cut and set in the Rajasthan tradition comprise the collection. The pieces have intricate designs in gold, enamel, diamond and precious stones and reflect the Mogul influence on jewelry design in India in the 17th century." Beautiful.

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