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Friday, May 20, 2005

      Cannes: A big movie bash or a jewelry bash?

The Cannes Festival has got millions of eyeballs not just for movies but also for jewelry. This festival goes on for 12 days as compared to the Oscars and also attracts most international crowd. So for the best jewellers around the world this is the right time to showcase their best of the jewelry on best of the stars.

Paris Hilton at Cannes

Along with the tremendous collection worn by the stars, one should surely look arouund for "baby sitters"/bodyguards who will take care of the jewelry from the time it is taken out of the safe till it comes back. Paris Hilton was seen wearing Chopard necklace for which the 'baby-sitter' had to follow her till 6am in the morning!!! Not a bad job, eh?

Hey, but I thought that Paris Hilton had her own range of jewelry and what good occasion can it be then Cannes to promote her own line instead of Chopard's!!!

So stay tuned for the Cannes : The Rock and the Stars.

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