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Thursday, May 05, 2005

      Mumba's diamond web

And while we are at dresses, here is one that has gone down in the record books as being the most expensive dress to be made so far. Its the $13 million diamond studded dress that singer Samantha Mumba wore at the Spider-Man II London premiere last summer.
(Edited: This actually might not be the most expensive one afterall. Check this out aswell.)

Samantha Mumba diamond dress

Its designed by Scott Henshall, interwoven with web-cut diamonds from Chatila and jewellery from Chatila at the Odeon Leicester Square in London.

Not surprisingly, extra security guards had to be drafted in to make sure none of its 3,000 gems went missing. "I've got tons of bodyguards looking out for me just in case any bits fall off," confessed Sam.

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