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Thursday, April 28, 2005

      Growth in diamond jewelry market

U.S. Retail Diamond Jewelry Market Grows 8.2%

-- "U.S. retail sales of diamond jewelry increased by 8.2 percent last year, to $31.5 billion – a rise of $2.4 billion over 2003 sales of $29.1 billion"
-- "In 2004, diamond engagement rings reached their highest average price at $2,600."
-- "Over the last five years, three-stone diamond jewelry has posted an average annual growth in sales of almost 35 percent."
-- "In 2004, the Diamond Right Hand Ring drove the $3.8 billion non-bridal fashion diamond ring category from an underperforming section of the market into one that grew by 15 percent. This can be attributed to the success of the marketing campaign “The Left Hand Is For We, The Right Hand Is For Me!”

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